Barcelona – the amazing city of Gaudi

Hello there dear travelers! After more than 2 months without writing anything, I’m back. Today, I woke up like this: with a great desire to write about this magnificent Spanish city… the one and only Barcelona. So happy to finally getting back my inspiration. Hurray for that! Moving forward, this 4-day trip was actually my birthday present, I have visited this city at the end of July, 2018. Yeah, long time ago. I hope you all miss the summer vibes! Because I certainly do! Let me take you there.


Ronda – pretty little town in Andalusia

Hey hey heyyyy dear friends of mine! Told you I’d come back and tell you about this cute little town near Malaga, named Ronda… so here I am! In my previous blog post, while I was sharing you my 1st Spanish experience, had also mentioned that on day 2, husband and I went on a day-trip until Ronda. Have to tell that it was ohhhh so very super nice and pretty! YUP! But let me tell you more.

Malaga – the capital of “Costa del Sol”

Hey hey hey! Today is going to be about Malaga, Spain. Been there in February and I am writing this blog post in April… hmmm I think my entire being is working with a delay these days, sorry about that. Anyway, it was my very 1st meeting with Spain and I have to admit that I fell madly in love with this country! People are so nice and welcoming, the weather is fabulous and the architecture is beautiful. Oh and I also have to add on the list their “Malaga Dulce” wine… which is now my favorite one!