Malaga – the capital of “Costa del Sol”

Hey hey hey! Today is going to be about Malaga, Spain. Been there in February and I am writing this blog post in April… hmmm I think my entire being is working with a delay these days, sorry about that. Anyway, it was my very 1st meeting with Spain and I have to admit that I fell madly in love with this country! People are so nice and welcoming, the weather is fabulous and the architecture is beautiful. Oh and I also have to add on the list their “Malaga Dulce” wine… which is now my favorite one! “Vinsanto” from Santorini used to be my best-loved so far, but I remember it was way more expensive so… “Malaga Dulce” wins this competition. Therefore, totally recommend it!

But let’s start properly. Been on this trip only with husband, because I wanted to enjoy this vacation 100%, without having to worry about convincing others to do things the way I want to. Husband is easy to convince, so no worries about him haha. I am pretty stubborn to be honest… and all of my friends that choose to come with me during my trips have to sleep less and walk more. I am not usually having relaxed trips. My friends who visited Sicily with me, can easily confirm that! I guess only a traveler will fully understand me.

Plane tickets: Wizzair – 85 euros, round trip tickets for both husband and I. So cheap, right? I also joined their Wizz Discount Club and I have to say that it’s totally worth it!

Getting from the airport until the city center wasn’t hard at all. You just need to look for LINE A EXPRESS CITY BUS Terminal T3 – Floor 0 – Arrivals – In front of transport interchange. The total journey time is around 15-25 minutes depending on time of day and traffic. It costs just 3 euros and you can pay the driver direct. The stops are: Malaga Airport -> Plaza del General Torrijos (city center). Also, this bus is running every 20-25 minutes from 7 AM until midnight from the airport… which is awesome!

Accommodation: we stayed at Malaga Lodge Guesthouse (rated as “Superb 9.1” on Booking) and we paid 105 euros for 3 nights. The room was clean and vintage decorated. The owner wasn’t there when we arrived but we received the entry code of the building on my phone and our room key was waiting for us in an envelope. From there until the city center we had to walk like 20-25 minutes.

DAY 1. We just made the check-in, left the baggage upstairs and went outside for a walk to eat and drink something.


The city center was super lively, even though it was February. I guess Spain has that “vacation mood” spirit all the time. Which I totally loved! My soul fits there for sure.

We ate at El Patio Bodega and ordered some pork meat with a super spicy sauce made of olive oil and pepper seeds and some french fries aside. The food was great… and the sauce was awesome! I so love spicy food #NOMNOMNOM. Ohhh and we also ordered that “Malaga Dulce” wine I was talking about earlier. We paid like 20 euros for both of us as far as I remember, so the price was quite ok.


After that, we just wandered through the city for a bit more, stopped for another glass of wine which was not that good as the first one by the way… and then, went directly to the accommodation because we were so tired after the long flight and it was also kind of cold outside being already night.

DAY 2. Had a day-trip to one of the most beautiful Andalusian villages named Ronda. It was a very nice escape from the city but I will definitely write about it in my following blog post because I have so many beautiful pictures I’d like to show to you and don’t want to get you too bored by adding a lot of information all of once. However, here’s a picture with Ronda just so I can keep you interested!


After returning from Ronda, we stopped in the city center of Malaga, had some tapas (small Spanish savoury dishes) along with another glass of wine, then went to bed because we were actually super super tired.

DAY 3. Woke up, admired the view and smelled the cute pink flowers from our little balcony, got dressed-up and off we went. We were so eager to explore Malaga during daylight and we were quite sure we wouldn’t get bored at all.

Processed with VSCO with e2 preset

Here, in the last picture, is where Picasso lived. YUP! Picasso was born in Malaga and you can visit this place and also the museum with all his art work. We chose visiting the museum but… if you’re not interested in art, don’t go! I thought I was an artsy person but naaah… Picasso is not easy to be understood. In my opinion, for 7 euros entry-fee, I just saw a lot of bad taste pornography :))) But it’s just my point of view! Anyway, the museum and the birthplace house are both around Plaza de la Merced, in the heart of the historic centre of Malaga.

For breakfast, we ate some churros (a sweet Spanish snack consisting of a strip of fried dough dusted with sugar or cinnamon) along with hot chocolate at Granier which is on Granada street. Totally recommend the place. Yummy!

Then we just kept wandering through the city center before going up in the Malaga Cathedral. I knew the view up there was about to be spectacular, so climbing the rooftop was a definitely must-do!

P2190383 (1)

The Manquita – Malaga’s cathedral is a much-loved symbol of the city and essential to any Malaga sightseeing tour. Founded in the fifteenth century on the site of a mosque, its nickname, used by all locals, means ‘one armed woman’, because the south tower was never finished. Legend claims that the funding for the cathedral’s completion was donated to the colonists’ cause during the American War of Independence. If you go into the cathedral, take a look at the intricate details of the figures sculpted within the choir stalls, crafted by Pedro de Mena. You can climb the rooftop for 6 euros! Simplified visit departure times are: Tuesday to Sunday 11.00, 12.00, 13.00 and 17.00, 18.00, 19.00.

And now let me show you the view from up there coz it was absolutely gorgeous!


After visiting the Cathedral, we just went for a walk through the city without an exact direction. But we managed to find ourselves into a park that looked like a huge botanical garden and then we actually stayed a bit into the port while we drank some beers and had some free tapas. This is very typical for Spanish people, to serve you with a snack if you order drinks. Cool!


Moving on… we just lost ourselves through Malaga’s neighborhoods. This is actually what I like to do the most when I am visiting a new place, it brings pure joy to just walk along without a specific destination.


What about this sky? It was on fire! 911 – please send the firefighters hahaha.

After all this walking I just felt the need to go at the accommodation to rest for awhile because trust me, my feet were also on fire, not only that sky!!! So yeah… we both rested for 2 hours I guess, but then decided to go outside again for aaaa… glass of wine. This time, we chose El Pimpi which is quite famous over there. It is absolutely mandatory to stay there for a glass of wine if you’re in Malaga. No excuses! The location is wonderful and the serving was super quick. It’s true that we only ordered some glasses of wine, but still… waiters were pretty efficient.


FUN FACT: a little Spanish girl came to our table and sold me a handmade bracelet for 2 euros. What I liked the most was that she actually put it herself on my hand. It was super cute and I am still wearing it hehe. She wasn’t even speaking English but she was bold enough to ask a waiter to help her. She was like “Heyyy muchacho, come and translate this for me!”. I believe most of Spanish people are confident, loud and know how to have fun. I think I might easily fuse with them aha ahaaaa.

DAY 4. This day was actually our last day in Spain, but the flight was at 7 PM so we still had all day to keep roaming around. Therefore, we visited the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro Castle, then went to the Malagueta beach for some sun bathing!

One of the main tourist attractions in Malaga is this complex of historic buildings. The view from the fourteenth century walls of Gibralfaro Castle offers up a stunning introduction to the city skyline. From here walk along the wall that connects the castle with the gardens, fountains and beautiful courtyard of the Alcazaba. Not only is it a great sunset stop, but a lovely place for a Sunday afternoon stroll, as after 2 PM admission is free (other times it’s 3.55 euros for both monuments). Finally, don’t miss the Roman Theatre, built by Emperor Augustus and rediscovered in 1951. Nowadays, it shows open-air performances (admission is free).

P2200608P2200614P2200629P2200661 (1)P2200744P2200690P2200744 (1)P2200623P2200780P2200782P2200793P2200805

So unfortunately, here ends our Spanish trip… but yeah I absolutely fell in love with this country and can’t wait to go back to explore more of Andalusia region. Malaga was a very nice city, we didn’t have time to get bored at all, we also had the sea and the beach… what else can I say? Just wonderful! GRACIASSSS Malaga for this beautiful trip!

Until next time,


  • Our stay in Malaga: 17.02.2018 – 20.02.2018
  • Bucharest – Malaga and return flight: Wizzair 85 Euros
  • Accommodation: Malaga Lodge Guesthouse 105 Euros
  • Total: 190 Euros as a couple

PS: If you are using to find the best accommodations like I do, then you should use the following link to receive 10% of your money back on your next travel! It’s a win-win situation… so why not?

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Malaga – the capital of “Costa del Sol”

  1. Hey Rhonda! Beautiful photos of Malaga! I was there for a short time having breakfast in May of 2016, I was on my way to Marbella, Spain. I can’t wait to go back soon! I spent 6 weeks in Spain and one of my favorite places was Seville. Hope your enjoying Morocco! Mark

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    1. Hey Mark! I also loved Malaga. I would like to return there for sure. And yes, Seville is on my list as well. Happy you enjoyed your time there! Spain is indeed wonderful ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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