Bellagio & Varenna – the pearls of Lake Como

Hey guys! Back as I promised! Our last trip was in Milan and on DAY 2 we wanted to see the beauty of Lake Como. There are so many wonderful small villages by the lake, but the most picturesque and most popular is by far Bellagio. This is also why George Clooney, Sting, Woody Allen, Donatella Versace, Madonna, Sylvester Stallone and Ronaldinho own their villas in this tranquil paradise.

Lake Como is a lake of glacial origin located in the region of Lombardia. It’s the third largest lake in Italy and also one of the deepest lakes in Europe at over 400 meters deep. It’s shaped as an upside-down “Y” where the two arms are surrounded by the pre-Alps. Already a popular destination for aristocrats since Roman times, in the last twenty years it has become a very popular tourist destination.


So, how to get to Bellagio from Milan? That’s quite simple. By train until Varenna-Esino and then take the ferry to Bellagio. The price for one train ticket is 6.70 Euros. You can buy your tickets here or directly from vendor machines in train stations.

Because on DAY 2 we were already visiting Isola district in Milan, the closest train station was Garibaldi FS Station so we took the train from there. But it wasn’t a direct route and we had to change the train in Monza.

But wait! I have a complaint! I don’t know why, but on these Trenitalia tickets it doesn’t show the train’s number you will be taking. You need to monitor the timetable for the next train that goes to Varenna-Esino and just hop in but it’s not written anywhere on the ticket. And because we were already on our train to Monza and we had only 6 minutes to change the train… Well, we somehow managed to miss the train to Varenna. If you guys have read my other blog posts, I know you were already expecting something like this haha.

So we had to wait another hour to catch the next train to Varenna. In the train station we found this supermarket where we bought some sandwiches, Ceres beers and some “Angel Wings” (cenci or chiacchiere) which are a traditional sweet crisp pastry made out of dough that has been shaped into thin twisted ribbons, deep-fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Mmmm, tasty!

Also, we were quite impressed that we bought 3 Ceres beers from the supermarket with 5 Euros while in Milan we only had 1 single beer at this price. YAY^^

After a while, we finally took the train to Varenna. I praised to all of the existing and non-existing Gods before having our trip in Milanto be sunny on DAY 2!  I was so excited about this trip to Lake Como and I really wanted to take the best photos there – mountains included. But I guess I didn’t praise enough, because on this specific day, it was cloudy, windy and colder than the previous day. Isn’t it just wonderful? But don’t you worry, Bellagio is always beautiful, even on a cloudy day.

So after 2 hours I guess, we were finally in Varenna. We didn’t have time to visit Varenna as well because it was already noon and wanted to explore Bellagio as much as we could. Being February, it was getting dark at around 5.30 PM so we were quite in a hurry.

We headed directly to the ferryboat station and bought our tickets for Bellagio. Taking the ferry is less expensive than you can imagine and during the trip you can enjoy beautiful views of the Lake Como. Tickets were 9 Euros each (round-trip) and it was a 15 minutes ride.


This is where the amazing part starts! While we were on our way to Bellagio, we could see and admire how beautiful Varenna looked from the ferry. Let me show you more!





I really love how February looks like autumn in Italy. It also feels like autumn as well, of course! Oh, you Italians have such a gentle weather! You wouldn’t want to find out how it is to bear -20 Celsius degrees like we do here, in Romania, during the winter season. I mean like, real winters, you know?



This last picture had brought me a little “fame” on Instagram because the guys from @BestCityBreaks@Italiainunoscatto and featured my photo! Awesome^^

So, after a short 15 minutes ride with the ferry, we arrived in Bellagio. Being there off-season we were expecting to be quite alone in this village and also with many of their restaurants and shops closed. And we were right. Therefore, it was more than perfect that we had those sandwiches, beers and pastries in our backpacks haha.


They were also renovating at this time of the year.


Right after we got off the ferry, we started exploring the area and found this wonderful quiet street. So beautiful, right?


I have to tell you we didn’t do anything in particular, we just wandered those tiny streets and enjoyed our time in this magical village. But please, see for yourselves^^


Unfortunately, soon it got darker so we took the ferry back to Varenna and from there we had our train back to Milan. The only difference was that this time we had to change the train in Lecco.

It was a beautiful day trip and in my opinion, Bellagio has a charm without seasonality and it’s always worth to visit.

Until next time,


  • Our day-trip to Bellagio: 8.02.2017
  • Train from Milan to Varenna: Trenitalia 13.40 Euros per person (round-trip ticket)
  • Ferryboat from Varenna to Bellagio: 9 Euros per person (round-trip ticket)
  • Total: 45 Euros as a couple

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